Wednesday, August 31, 2011


My 37 week appointment went well.....blood pressure good, heartrate good. 3 WEEKS TO GO unless the little one decides to bless us with her presence early!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


After many months, the little lady's nursery is FINALLY FINISHED! Dave took on the tedious task of splitting one of our rooms into two - one room for the baby and one room for our workout room. I was so proud of the hard work he did and now we can finally enjoy the baby's nursery with a few weeks to spare before her arrival. Here are a few pictures of the room..............
Her little closet is already stocked with clothes - that's my girl!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Hey everyone....I had my 36 week appointment today and I will begin to have an appointment every week until my September 22 due date. We had our final sonogram and the doctor confirmed that we are having a baby girl. She said the baby's head was in position and took an up close picture of the little one's face. 4 more weeks to go!!!! WE CAN'T WAIT!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011


My mom and aunt hosted the most amazing baby shower for me at the Severn River Inn in Annapolis. The food options were a choice of crab cake with fried green tomatoes or chicken salad on a croissant. They even made me my favorite type of cake - CHOCOLATE! It was so nice to see all of my close friends and family and I appreciate everyone taking the time to celebrate this exciting time in our lives! Here are a few pictures from the wonderful day!!
My cousin Megan and I. She is also pregnant, but is having a sweet baby boy! She did a wonderful job of hosting all of the fun games at the shower.
The yummy cake The Bahr Ladies:
From Left: Me, Stacey, Sara, and Mama Bahr Lindsay and I - She is also pregnant and due in January which is super exciting news!!
All of my close friends and family
Pammy and I
Melissa and I - She looked so pretty in her coral and turquoise!
All of the wonderful gifts that my friends and family got for us! We are truly blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives!
Here are a few pictures of me opening presents! I thought this little outfit with the "star on the hiney" was super cute!
I received this book from Grandma Pierce in Kansas
YAY - The baby bjorn. I was so excited about this gift because I'm sure we will be using this a lot for the little lady!
My lovely Gram and I - She lives three hours a way so I really appreciated her making the trip up especially with the terrible traffic in our area!
My cutie niece, Blake, and I
Blake, Me, and Josie - Aren't they just the most adorable little girls?
Entire Bahr family
One really fun thing about my shower is that there were 5 pregnant women there. Here we all are in ascending order.
From Left: Lindsay (Due in January), Megan (Due in December), Sara (Due in October), Me (Due in September), and Stacey (Due in 3 weeks). It was so fun to chat with all the pregnant ladies and share all of our stories!
Dave came at the end of the shower to help me load all of the wonderful gifts in our cars! What a sweet husband!
Me with Alice and Charlie. They are sooooooooooooo adorable with their curly hair!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


OH BOY FOLKS - My belly is popping..............I just had my 34 week appointment today and it was quite eventful. The doctor said my blood pressure was good, my belly measurements were good, and the baby is offically in position (head down). She gave me a sonogram and we were able to see a blurry version of her little face and chubby little cheeks. It was so amazing. The countdown officially begins..........

34 Week sonogram photo of her little face. I just want to squeeze the chubby little cheeks

Saturday, August 6, 2011


We just got back from our annual beach trip to the Outer Banks. We stayed at a quaint little place called "Cottage by the Pier" and enjoyed some quality family time together. This was the last trip before our bundle of joy arrives and we can't wait to make her a part of this fun trip next year! Here are some pictures from the vacation:
Dad, Mom, Me, and Dave at Miller's Restaurant

My mom and I getting ready to head to the beach

Dave and I (and my giant baby bump) at the beach

Dave and Sampson swimming in the ocean My mom and dad at La Fogata - one of our favorite Mexican restaurants in the Outer Banks Dave and I at La FogataMy boys after swimming in the ocean

It appears that the beach was a little too tiring for my sleepy puppy My dad and I before dinner Dave and I at Sugar Creek restaurant Dave relaxing on the beach

Dave and I enjoying our last day on the beach (Insert sad face)