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Even though the Orioles game was delayed and then cancelled due to the weather, we had such a nice time hanging out with the Baltimore Bahrs.  We definitely need to get together more often!!  Here are some pictures from the day:

Dave and I with Skylar at her first Orioles game

From Left: Sally, Sara, Me, Skylar
Skylar enjoying the sights
Sara and her precious baby girl
Smiley Skylar
Skylar just where she loves to be - with her daddy
Got a little soaked from the rain..............
Rain delay
Family! ;-)

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Dave and I were both off today so we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to take Skylar to her first Redskins training camp.  After all, we do have to get the youngster ready for the exciting season that is about to be upon us.  We had such a nice family day!  Here are some of the fun pics:
Blue forty two........set........hike hike.  That's my little baby on the 50 yard line at the practice field
Daddy and his Redskins baby

Don't bug me, folks!  I'm eating!
Mommy and baby just hanging out
Dave on the practice field
Oh no - someone got a hold of the practice horn
RG3 and Chris Cooley
Skylar enjoyed playing in the grass
Daddy and baby at the cooling tent
Team practicing - that's Bruce Allen in the tan shorts
RG3 in the yellow jersey
Mommy and baby on the practice field
Mommy and baby hanging out at Redskins park

Sunday, August 12, 2012


My mom's birthday is August 13 so we went to lunch at the Cheesecake Factory with my Aunt Nancy and Cousin Karyle.  We had such a nice time and the food was amazing!!  HAPPY "59TH" BIRTHDAY, MOM!!!
From Left: Birthday Girl, Dad, Skylar, and Me
Nancy, Skylar, and Karyle
Mom giving many kisses to Sparky

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