Thursday, May 31, 2012

Monday, May 28, 2012

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Skylar and I headed to Haymarket, VA over the holiday weekend for Sean and Lindsay's Memorial Day party!  Their house was amazing as usual and they put out a tasty spread!  Here are some pictures
from the fun-filled day:
From Left: Lindsay, Lily (4 1/2 months), Skylar (8 months), and Me
The girls had the same little outfit so Lindsay and I thought it would be cute to get a close-up shot of the girls!  They were so cute together!!
Here's looking at you, kid!

Saturday, May 19, 2012


Today was such a fun time for the Bahr family because it was the 2012 Warrior Dash at Budd's Creek. The Bahr boys participated in this 3 mile run consisting of multiple obstacle courses. Last year, they dressed as Ric Flair and this year, they opted for Elvis Pressley. Even Blake, Charlie, Alice, and Josie had little Elvis costumes. It was hysterical!!  Here are some pictures from the day:
From Left: Me, Sky Baby, and Elvis (Daddy)
Random people wanted to take pictures with the Elvis Bunch so here is a group shot with some spectators
Dave, Me, and Skylar - the guitar was a nice touch

The Elvis Bunch: From Left: Josie, Matt, Dave, Alice, Doug, and Geez
Dave and Little Josie
Dave rocking his guitar
Stacey, Ransom, Me, and Baby Skylar cheering on the boys
Alice had a little too much excitement for one day - she was passed out in the stroller
Geez, Dave, and Matt approaching the finish line
Dave jumping over the fire logs - Would you believe he carried that guitar for the entire race? Now that takes committment!
Matt and Dave
Dave, Doug, Matt, and Geez approaching the mud pit
Dave strumming his guitar after the mud pit
YAY - The boys finished - I'm guessing they won't be hanging on to the Elvis costumes
Matt striking the Elvis pose
Dave with his guitar
Skylar with her daddy

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Skylar made the most precious gift for me at daycare and I would love to share it.  It's a little plant that has Skylar's name and footprint on it along with a sweet little card.  The card reads "Mommy, I love you from the tip of my nose to the bottom of my toes" and has her little nose and footprint on it.  It's things like this that melt my heart!!!  I love you more than you know, Baby Sky!!!


Mother's Day was extra special this year because it was my very first Mother's Day as a mommy.  We drove across the Bay Bridge and went to one of our favorite restaurants on the water.  I am so lucky to have the best mom and daughter in the world!
I hope everyone else appreciates their mommy on this special day!!
Three generations: My Mom, Me, and Skylar
Skylar with her grandparents

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Dave and I went to our neighbors' wedding this past weekend at a vineyard in Prince Frederick, MD.  The view was amazing and the weather was perfect for a wedding!  Here is a pic of Dave and I prior to the wedding: 

Thursday, May 10, 2012


I'm the luckiest mommy in the world because someone special sent me flowers and candy to work for Mother's Day!  What a great baby and husband!!  I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful family!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


 Today is picture day at Skylar's daycare so we dolled her up in a little dress that her Great Grammy Stevens bought for her.  Here is the little lady with her mommy and daddy!!  Dressing little girls up is so much fun!!

Monday, May 7, 2012



I'm so excited because Sampson's new orthopaedic dog bed arrived today.  We felt so guilty when the baby arrived because we had to get rid of Sampson's "queen" size bed so we wanted to get him a comfy bed to call his own.  We hope our doggie gets a good night's rest on his new bed.  Here are some pics..............
Sampson's new bed with coordinating dog bone pillow
Looks like Sampson has found his bed and is settling in nicely
Hey Little Girl - That's not your bed!!!! :-)  Looks like Sampson is going to have a little competition for who is going to lounge on the new bed!

Saturday, May 5, 2012


Dave and I enlisted my parents to babysit Skylar this weekend so we could attend Jason and Bridgett's wedding.  The wedding ceremony, reception, and food were amazing and we had a blast dancing the night away.  We wish the bride and groom the best of luck!!! Here are some pictures from the fun-filled evening:
Dave and I at the wedding reception at Grey Rock Mansion in Pikesville, MD
Jen and I at our table
Jen and Adam - what an attractive couple!!  OW OW!!  They are set to get married next year!!
From Left: Adam, Dave, and Ryan Anderson
From Left: Jen, Anderson's Wife (She is due in June), and I

Dave and Adam showing off their dance moves
Dave and I dancing the night away to........the one.......the only..............BON JOVI!!!  Who doesn't love Bon Jovi? ;-) 
Dave having a little too much fun.............
Dave, Jen, and Adam striking a pose

I believe this was Dave's impersonation of Michael Jackson's "thriller" dance.  OH BOY!
Jen, Adam, and Ryan

Adam showcasing his moves

Jen and Adam - this was by far my favorite picture of the night!!
Striking a pose at the reception hall